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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerate the transformation and development of China's packaging industry

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerate the transformation and development of China's packaging industry

Industry Information
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roblem,Ordercompetitionphenomenonfailedtobecontained.  Basedontheexistingfoundation,fillthedevelopmentofshortboard,enhancethequalityofthebrand,wemuststrengthenthetransformationofthedevelopmentofacompr

    roblem, Order competition phenomenon failed to be contained.

  Based on the existing foundation, fill the development of short board, enhance the quality of the brand, we must strengthen the transformation of the development of a comprehensive guide and system design. Accelerate the transformation and development, is to promote the packaging industry to meet the requirements of the development of modern manufacturing industry, strengthen the support of the national economy is an inevitable choice; is to solve the constraints of industrial development "bottleneck", effectively enhance the core competitiveness of the fundamental way out;To the active service, factor-driven to innovation-driven, traditional production to green production changes, comprehensively enhance the overall level of development of the industry, promote the construction of a strong package of major initiatives.

  Second, the overall requirements

  (A) guiding ideology

  Depth implementation of the party's eighteen and eighteen three, four, five, six in the spirit of the plenary session, firmly establish the "innovation, coordination, green, open, shared" development concept to improve the quality and efficiency of developmentCenter, to promote the supply side of the structural reform as the main line, with scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, docking consumer goods industry, "three products" special action to promote the transformation of production methods and supply structure optimization. The implementation of military and civilian integration development strategy, to build military and civilian packaging standards GM, product sharing, technology exchange development pattern. Industry to maintain high-speed development, towards the high-end level, and gradually realized by the packaging power to the packaging power change.

  (B) the basic principles

  Adhere to market-led, government guidance. Strengthen the dominant position of the enterprise market, give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, better play the role of government planning and policy support, optimize the market order, improve the regulatory system.

  Adhere to innovation drive, brand lead. Accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation system and service platform, and enhance the innovation ability of key technologies. Speed ​​up the upgrading of traditional products, and vigorously cultivate packaging brand.

  Adhere to coordinated development, focus on breakthroughs. Construction of packaging industry and manufacturing, packaging upstream and downstream industries, military packaging and civilian packaging, packaging enterprises and research institutes and packaging sub-sectors between the collaborative development mechanism. Strengthen the optimization of elements, the development of model changes and the construction of industrial clusters, and continuously promote the industry to improve quality and efficiency.

  Adhere to green development, moderate packaging. To build a full life cycle green network system covering the production, circulation, consumption, recycling and recycling of resources. Against the excessive packaging, the use of reasonable design, timber conservation, recycling convenience, affordable package of the overall solution to guide the whole society to establish a moderate packaging concept.

  (Iii) development goals

  Maintain the growth rate of industrial development and national economic growth simultaneously, the scale of industrial development and supporting services to meet the needs. By 2020, the following objectives are achieved:

  Industrial scale. Packaging industry in the main business income reached 2.5 trillion yuan, the formation of more than 15 annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan of enterprises or groups, listed companies and high-tech enterprises increased significantly. And actively cultivate the characteristics of the packaging industry highlights the new industrial industry demonstration base, forming a number of strong influence of the well-known brands.

  Innovation. Industry R & D investment continues to increase, above-scale enterprises R & D expenditure increased significantly. Efforts to promote integrated innovation, collaborative innovation and innovation results of industrialization, some packaging materials to the international advanced level.

  Two fusion. Large and medium-sized packaging enterprises in the integration of the level of integration in more than 80% of the integrated upgrade phase, small and medium enterprises application of information technology to carry out research and development, management and production control ratio increased from 30% to 55%.Digital, network design and manufacturing model widely promoted to digital, flexible and system integration technology as the core of intelligent manufacturing equipment to achieve a greater breakthrough.

  Energy conservation. Industrial energy consumption per unit of industrial added value, carbon dioxide emission intensity, unit of industrial added value of water consumption were reduced by more than 20%, the total discharge of major pollutants decreased significantly. The initial establishment of packaging waste recycling system.

  Military and civilian integration. Military and civilian general packaging quantity and quality significantly improved, the standard reached the international advanced level, and gradually form a system of perfect, innovation and lead, high-end gathering, efficient growth of the development trend. Built a number of military and civilian integration packaging base, packaging technology military and civilian level significantly improved.

  Standard construction. Depth development of the basic standards of packaging, packaging professional standards and product packaging standards of research, the formation of relevance, collection, operational and strong packaging standard system.Construction of the National Packaging Standards to promote the Union and packaging standards of professional information website, built more than five standard packaging innovation base, the selection of a number of standardized demonstration pilot enterprises.

  Third, the main task

  (A) the implementation of "three products" strategy, agglomeration industry development advantages

  Increase the variety of packaging products. Around the packaging industry supply side of the structural reform, in the optimization of traditional product structure, expand the advantages of leading products on the basis of the initiative to adapt to intelligent manufacturing model and consumer diversification needs, enhance the ability to support services for consumer upgrades. Through innovative design, production technology and technical means, and vigorously research and development of new packaging materials, new products, new equipment, to promote product variety and supply service capacity to enhance. Focus on the development of green, reusable, high-performance packaging materials, speed up the development of network, intelligent, flexible packaging equipment, vigorously develop functional, personalized, customized high-end products, through the rich variety of products, optimize the product Structure pull demand, drive consumption.

  Enhance the quality of packaging products. Guide enterprises from the design, selection, production, testing, management and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade to enhance the quality of packaging products. Active use of low-cost and green production technology, the development of low-weight, high-strength, functional paper packaging products, enhance paper products waterproof, moisture, antibacterial, flame retardant and other properties, to expand the application of paper packaging; to encourage the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and Additives can be customized environment-friendly plastic packaging products, the application of high barrier, select through, environmental awareness and wide preparation of new technologies to enhance the protection of plastic packaging products, durability and intelligent properties; advocacy to thin-walled metal and film Iron, coated aluminum and other new materials to produce metal packaging products to enhance the utilization of metal packaging materials and corrosion resistance; innovative packaging measurement, inspection and testing technology to accelerate the development of various types of advanced detection equipment, and constantly improve the quality inspection system and means, Effectively enhance the quality of packaging products protection.

  Cultivate the brand of packaging products. We will focus on the R & D of green packaging materials, intelligent packaging equipment and high-end packaging products, strengthen the brand development, evaluation, service and guidance, build positioning, design, production, marketing, dissemination and protection of integrated brand development pattern, High domestic market share and strong international market competitiveness of packaging materials, packaging equipment and packaging products brand. Promote the implementation of the internationalization strategy of packaging enterprises, support qualified enterprises to promote equipment, technology, standards and services to go abroad, set up R & D, production base and marketing network outside, deep into the global industrial chain, value chain and logistics chain, A group of strong innovation and international competitiveness of the brand enterprises.

  (B) to strengthen technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness

  Build an innovation system. Around the national strategy, focusing on the implementation of packaging industry innovation ability to enhance the plan to guide enterprises to establish R & D capital investment mechanism to strengthen the technical center, innovation team and the public space construction, focus on the implementation of "double creation" action to encourage packaging enterprises to build innovative business incubation Platform and mechanism, and effectively improve the original innovation, integration of innovation, the introduction of digestion and absorption of new capacity. Optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources, and actively cultivate the packaging industry's national technological innovation center, focusing on the construction of a number of industry-leading common technology technology innovation alliance, collaborative innovation center, scientific and technological achievements incubator base and the results of the promotion and application of public technical services, Intellectual property transactions and other platforms, the formation of a series of independent intellectual property rights and strong international competitiveness of the core technology group. Increase the leading talent and national innovation team of collaborative training, and strengthen the growth of innovative talent to support, through the establishment of the upstream and downstream industry chain science and technology collaboration, industrial collaboration innovation center and production and research cooperation demonstration base, the formation of innovative personnel education, sharing mechanism.

  Break through key technologies. Around the green packaging, security packaging, intelligent packaging in the field of key technologies, the development of systematic technical solutions to promote the major scientific and technological achievements in the incubation, application and promotion. Speed ​​up the establishment of packaging cloud design database, focusing on the implementation of reduction and ecological design, efforts to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of packaging waste recycling technology research and development, and comprehensively enhance the level of green packaging applications and innovation. And actively develop new quality preservation, packaging security and production process online testing and monitoring technology, focusing on breakthroughs in food and drug packaging harmful substances identification and migration testing and other technical bottlenecks, significantly enhance the food, medicine and military packaging security capabilities. Pay attention to the combination of packaging design and information technology, and actively use the environment to induce new materials to achieve intelligent regulation of packaging micro-environment to promote the intelligent production process, focusing on forward-looking measurement test technology research to meet the packaging industry, the whole industry chain, , The demand for traceability testing.

  Strengthen the demonstration application. To support the industry organizations to carry out major demonstration projects, including: the implementation of food and drug packaging safety engineering, food and beverage packaging to start clean production safety and quality inspection and supervision of major projects, and vigorously enhance the existing Food and drug packaging testing organizations to the technical level, to create a number of food and drug packaging quality testing center, the construction of food and drug quality packaging safety traceability management network information platform. The implementation of a high-end packaging products, under the guidance of a moderate packaging concept, the organization of a number of packaging products design innovation, process optimization and industrialization of major projects, and actively develop lightweight high-strength paper, bio-based high barrier plastic, Lightweight energy-saving glass and other materials, focusing on the development of personalized, customized, refined, intelligent high-end packaging products. The implementation of packaging and printing digital engineering, the construction of advanced packaging and printing digital system, the use of the Internet, large data and artificial intelligence and other technologies, the development of cloud printing, offset printing, printing and personalized printing and other new packaging printing. The implementation of the packaging industry information technology, start packaging large data and industrial clouds and other major projects to promote smart labels and intelligent terminal packaging and other key information technology to carry out a new generation of packaging information and industrialization of the integration of integrated innovation and engineering application demonstration. The implementation of intelligent packaging engineering equipment, organizations to carry out high-end packaging equipment, key technology and integrated technology research, focusing on the development of food and medicine automatic packaging production line, packaging and printing integrated manufacturing equipment and modern logistics automatic packaging system and other major intelligent manufacturing equipment, efforts to promote packaging intelligence Factory / Digital Workshop Application Demonstration.

  (C) to promote the integration of two, to enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing

  Speed ​​up the process of information technology. We will strengthen the construction and popularization of the two sets of integrated management system of packaging enterprises to promote the infiltration of information technology to design, production, circulation and recycling. Relying on the Internet and Internet of things technology, to strengthen the packaging e-commerce, industrial clouds and large data platform and other development, the development of Internet-based data-driven, network collaborative manufacturing, personalized customization, service-oriented manufacturing, crowdsourcing design, Production service model to promote the formation of consumer demand based on the dynamic perception of industrial management, and promote the formation of new packaging enterprises, manufacturing, service and business model. (GS1) as the "ID card" and "pass" of commodity production and circulation, so as to realize the integration with international information data.

  Enhance the level of intelligent packaging. To the Internet and Internet of Things technology as the core, the establishment of design, manufacturing, technology and standards of open sharing mechanism to promote the production methods to the flexible, intelligent, fine change, and vigorously promote the collaborative manufacturing, virtual manufacturing and network manufacturing as one of the advanced Manufacturing model, construct intelligent packaging ecological chain.(20.520, -0.22, -1.06%) and other intelligent equipment, to speed up the intelligent packaging equipment and production line technology standards development, independent capture optimization design, the use of high-quality packaging equipment,Intelligent detection, on-line measurement and collaborative control and other packaging equipment common technology, and actively use the sensing, judgment and implementation of the smart side of the action, research and development of professional packaging software and embedded systems, and strive to improve the major packaging process automation and high-speed packaging production lines andAll kinds of advanced detection equipment manufacturing level. Focus on the development of goods with authenticity identification, food deterioration warning, home medication reminder and child safety and other functions of intelligent packaging products.

  (4) to strengthen the standard construction, to promote the international standard management

  Promote the construction of packaging standard system. (600 × 400mm) series, packaging standardization to promote the reduction of packaging and recycling.Support industry construction standards to promote