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Friends of the company won the key backbone enterprises die

Friends of the company won the key backbone enterprises die

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Chengdu,thesurplusMachineryCo.,Ltd.bytheChinaDie&MoldIndustryAssociationinOctober2014wonthe"China'splasticmoldkeybackboneenterprises."    ChinaMoldIndustryAssociation(CDMA)wasestablishedinOctober1984,

  Chengdu, the surplus Machinery Co., Ltd. by the China Die & Mold Industry Association in October 2014 won the "China's plastic mold key backbone enterprises."


  China Mold Industry Association (CDMA) was established in October 1984, is the mold industry's only national organization, by the mold enterprises and mold industry-related enterprises, scientific research units, universities, social groups in accordance with the principle of voluntary composition. China Mold Industry Association's main tasks are: to study the mold industry status and development direction, the preparation of the draft development plan; to the government to protect the healthy development of the industry policy recommendations, reflecting the requirements of enterprises, safeguarding the interests of members; organization of technical and economic information and management Management of experience exchange; training of technical and management personnel, the promotion of new technologies; to carry out foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation.