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China's mold technology development in 2017 has been a new trend

China's mold technology development in 2017 has been a new trend

Industry Information
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  In the past two years, China's domestic mold technology has been rapid progress, mainly as follows: mold integrated manufacturing unit and technology popularization; commercial Internet to die and its industrial chain extension; 3D printing in the mold manufacturing in a wide range of applications; Intelligent; lightweight new materials and large-scale plastic mold appearance and optimization; large-scale progressive die technology mature; with standard parts such as fine.

  (1) mold integrated manufacturing unit and the popularity of technology. In addition to automatic feeding, stamping, stacking, thickness grouping, core assembly and product output, hinge assembly and other functions, there have been complex motion structure, in-mold heating, forging, local heat (tissue) control, mold Internal welding, tapping, local injection, in-mold cutting, in-mold detection process combination process.It is particularly worth mentioning that this exhibition is the emergence of the plastic parts of the mold in the eager, boron steel mold in the fervent and the motor pen-shaped core of the blade edge blanking and other new technologies to create a mold integrated manufacturing unit of the new era. Mold products continue to large, sophisticated, high-performance, integrated manufacturing unit direction.

  (2) commercial Internet to the mold and its industrial chain extension. At present, many mold processing equipment enterprises have docked the Internet, and actively build "mold manufacturing + Internet" model, a strong impetus to the mold industry transformation and upgrading.

  (3) 3D printing in the mold manufacturing in a wide range of applications. 3D printing application production mold cavity is a new trend in the development of cavity mold.The combination of high-speed milling is a high-precision manufacturing of complex metal parts. It is an important direction in the field of 3D printing.

  (4) mold of the intelligent. At present, in the plastic mold and die-casting mold industry, there have been mold mold cavity pressure, temperature, flow, cooling process of intelligent control of the mold. In addition, the intelligent mold processing equipment is also rapidly promoting the intelligent manufacturing mold.

  (5) the emergence and optimization of lightweight materials and large plastic molds.With the development of lightweight vehicles, lightweight new materials emerging, the domestic mold enterprises have begun to cope with this change, launched a lightweight new material automotive cover mold and large composite mold development.

  (6) large-scale progressive die technology mature, high-speed high reliability as an important feature of precision progressive die. At present, large-scale progressive stamping parts abound, parts larger and larger, more and more complex shape, showing a large-scale progressive die technology into the mature stage. The high precision precision progressive die on the production of stability, reliability requirements are getting higher and higher, has become an important means of mold manufacturing enterprises competition. Obviously, the large-scale forming parts and small ultra-precision parts of the mold design and manufacturing technology has become a hot mold enterprises concerned.

  (7) mold standard parts tend to fine. In recent years, with the mold types and requirements to improve, mold standard parts has become a mold enterprises to participate in international competition, an important condition, variety, classification is the main trend of the current standard parts. The traditional standard varieties more and more, more and more high quality requirements. The new functional structure of the standard unit and with more flexible manufacturing standard parts are also increasingly important, as a new technology and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the new direction.

  It can be seen from the moment, the current Chinese mold technology has developed to another new stage, but in order to get a greater breakthrough, but also need to continue to optimize the road.