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Mold development difficulties in the future development opportunities greater than the challenge

Mold development difficulties in the future development opportunities greater than the challenge

Industry Information
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  In recent years, due to various aspects of the mold industry, mold industry development is facing many difficulties, is not as good as before, especially the majority of working experience is the most profound, wages rise up, lower prices of purchasing power, the same competitive enterprises Under the order price down, staff wages and prices is up, indeed difficult and unsatisfactory situation. (And then the last ten years, more and more graduates of the mold industry, every year tens of thousands of rising speed, leading to talent saturation, increased competitiveness, especially the graduates, the work is not easy to find. Tired, low wages, the key is the future development prospects are not too clear, to the last many people had to leave the industry.

  So, the mold industry in recent years is how? Why do many boss complained not earn money, mold practitioners also complain that wages do not rise, the work hard to find? Why is this so?

  Mold applications continue to expand, has been applied to the field of mold more and higher requirements, so that the development of mold industry faster than the pace of development of other manufacturing industry has become a universal law, the current world mold market in short supply, in recent years, the market The total has been between 600 to 65 billion US dollars, while China's exports of mold is less than 8%."13th Five-Year" period can expand this share, at the same time as the trend of economic globalization has become increasingly obvious, mold manufacturing industry gradually shifted to China and multinational groups to China's mold procurement trend is becoming increasingly evident, foreign and private capital continue to favor our moldIndustry, China's mold industry opportunities greater than the challenges of the future international mold market prospects, China's mold is still a large space for development.