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Analysis on the Development of China 's Mold Industry

Analysis on the Development of China 's Mold Industry

Industry Information
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  Reform and opening up more than 30 years, China's mold production as an industry has been earth-shaking changes. This change is mainly reflected in three aspects: capacity changes, changes in production methods, technological revolution. Most people see the Chinese mold industry as an industry from scratch, from small to large, from picking up fill to become the main force, as well as mold demand and rapid growth of production changes. But more important is the transformation of production methods and technological revolution. The latter two changes are a more profound and fundamental change. The transformation of the production mode is mainly reflected in the large-scale production methods of the traditional small and complete rear workshop, the workshop type production, the high degree of professional cooperation in the market; from the complete non-standard production to the relatively standardized and quasi-standardized production. Mold production technology revolution, condensed to the point that the enterprise information is digital manufacturing and information management.

  In the 1980s, many molds were polished by hand fiters. 90 years, due to the introduction of CNC machining machine tools, edm and other more advanced equipment, greatly improving the mold production process level, the production cycle and the quality of the mold has also been greatly reduced and improved. High-precision processing has freed workers from heavy manual labor. On the other hand, cad / cam / cae and other computer-aided technology in the mold industry has also been widely used, mold design and numerical control processing level has been greatly improved, cad / cam / cae software for mold technicians work efficiency And the reliability of the design has been greatly improved. At present, the mold enterprises are facing a new topic, how to manage the same business from the cumbersome liberation, so that information management for the enterprise to enhance the production efficiency. So the mold enterprise management information has become the mold industry development and progress of the inevitable trend.

  Mold production is a single order production, in the management of information technology has its strong special. Design is part of the manufacturing process is not sufficient, design and process information can be directly reused little value. Therefore, according to the characteristics of production to grasp a comprehensive information management and practical, simplified management of the balance, is the key to information technology. This makes it difficult to copy mature management software.For example, car mold enterprises do not have the traditional sense of raw materials, warehouse management and so on. The purchase of parts and components are semi-finished products, there is no storage out of the library process, the cost of manufacturing amortization of each enterprise is not the same. Another example is the cost of accounting should be used to manage the project approach, rather than using the general processing and manufacturing approach, what pdm, erp and other software without a thorough transformation is completely incompatible.

  On the level of China's mold industry, mold industry development plan in the goal is to enter the ranks of the advanced level in Asia in 2010. In terms of quantity, we are now the world's largest producer of molds. From the product level, for the b-class and below the level of cars and other passenger cars and commercial vehicles, such as supporting a full set of automotive mold for the electronics industry supporting the accuracy of 2um, life of more than 200 million times the precision high-speed multi- A large number of high-level molds, such as large-scale multi-stage die, light guide plate mold, CD-ROM mold, bio-chip mold and so on, have been produced. However, China's vast territory, the uneven number of mold enterprises around the gap between the large, from a comprehensive level, compared with the international advanced level, there are indeed many gaps prompted us to further efforts, the gap prompted us to forge ahead! To the world die power continue to move forward, we will still be a long time in the goal.

  At present, few branches of metal processing industry can be as dynamic as mold manufacturing, so constantly seeking the latest technology and innovative ideas is a mold factory in any leading position is essential.