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China 's mold industry ushered in the development of new opportunities
China 's mold industry ushered in the development of new opportunities

China 's mold industry ushered in the development of new opportunities

2017/09/27 11:27

  China's mold industry has made a great breakthrough. In the mold industry in the process of development, China's market has always insisted on innovation and development-oriented, and strengthen the technical exchanges between developed countries, greatly enhance the strength of China's mold industry, mold enterprises market competitiveness. At the same time, China's manufacturing industry as a basic pattern will not change, the pace of manufacturing power will not stop, by promoting the transformation and upgrading will accelerate. This complex and volatile economic situation just for the mold development provides a stage.

  China 's mold industry ushered in the development of new opportunities

  To 2015, China's mold industry output value will exceed 2 trillion yuan. With the developed countries have to transfer to China's manufacturing industry, China's mold industry ushered in a new round of development opportunities. Although the domestic mold exports in recent years, increasing the level of international competitiveness has also improved. But mostly concentrated in the middle and low areas, mold technical level is low, low value-added, some high-precision molds also rely on imports, so the domestic mold manufacturing industry in various fields to strengthen integration.

  Expand the implementation of domestic demand strategy, will promote the development of China's manufacturing industry. Including automotive, home appliances, IT industry, packaging, building materials and daily necessities and other large-scale development of the mold industry, mold development will continue to provide a large market space. For example, more than 90% of the automobile manufacturing process using molds, automobile-related molds accounted for nearly one-third of China's total mold Germany, Japan, the United States accounted for more than 40%, the development of automotive molds mainly rely on the introduction of new models; More than 90% of plastic products from the mold, so the plastic mold accounted for 45% of China's total mold, China's plastic products in 2012 close to 60 million tons, and annual growth of 15% to 20%.

  In the relevant industries to launch with independent intellectual property rights of the mold products. Now China's mold industry through the introduction of foreign capital, absorb the advanced experience of foreign mold manufacturing, advanced technology and high level of talent, China's mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved. Vigorously strengthen independent innovation, the industry in the transformation of growth, optimize the industrial structure, are more need for a high level of mold machinery and equipment for the development of mold industry to provide a broad space for development. More importantly, the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, as well as the development strategy of emerging strategic industries, regional development planning and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry policies will provide a new growth point for the mold industry.

  Due to the manufacturing costs of foreign industrial countries and other reasons, middle and low molds, including some of the high-end mold demand mainly through external procurement solution. China's mold level and export capacity can meet the needs, so the mold export market space is huge. At present, China's mold industry has formed a number of characteristics of the mold industry cluster production base for the mold enterprise scientific development provides a platform for enterprise innovation capability is also rising, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, China's mold enterprises in the future will have Strong competition.