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Current Situation and Development of Plastic Mold Industry

Current Situation and Development of Plastic Mold Industry

Industry Information
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  China's plastic mold industry from the start to the present, after more than half a century, with great development, mold level has been greatly improved. In the large-scale mold has been able to produce 48-inch large-screen color plastic mold injection mold, 6.5kg large-capacity washing machine full set of plastic molds and car bumper and the overall dashboard and other plastic molds; precision plastic mold, has been able to produce camera plastic mold, Multi - cavity small modulus gear mold and plastic mold. Such as Tianjin Jin Rong Tian and Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. and Yantai Polaris IK Mold Co., Ltd. manufacturing multi-cavity VCD and DVD gear mold, the production of such gear plastic parts of the dimensional accuracy, coaxial, beating and other requirements have reached a similar foreign Product level, but also the latest gear design software to correct the shrinkage caused by the formation of the tooth profile error, to the standard involute tooth profile requirements. But also the production of only 0.08mm thickness of the mold cavity of the two cups of aviation molds and difficult plastic doors and windows extrusion die and so on. Injection mold cavity manufacturing accuracy of up to 0.02 ~ 0.05mm, surface roughness Ra0.2μm, mold quality, life significantly improved, non-quenching steel mold life of up to 10 to 30 million times, quenching steel mold up to 50 to 10 million times, Delivery time shorter than before, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries, the specific data in Table 1.

  Molding process, multi-material plastic molding mold, high-efficiency multi-color injection mold, inserts interchange structure and the core design of the core of the innovative design has also made great progress. Gas-assisted injection molding technology used more mature, such as Qingdao Hisense Mold Co., Ltd., Tianjin Communications Broadcasting Company mold factory and other manufacturers successfully in the 29 to 34-inch TV shell and some thick-walled parts of the mold using gas-assisted technology, some Manufacturers also use the C-MOLD gas-assisted software, to achieve better results. Such as Shanghai Newress and other companies will be able to provide users with gas-assisted molding equipment and technology. Hot runner mold began to promote, and some plant utilization rate of 20% or more, generally use the internal heat or external hot runner device, a few units with the world's advanced level of difficult needle valve hot runner device, a few units with the world Advanced level of difficult needle valve hot runner mold. But the overall utilization rate of hot runner less than 10%, compared with 50 to 80% of foreign, the gap is greater.

  In the manufacturing technology, CAD / CAM / CAE technology on the application level to a new level to produce household appliances as the representative of enterprises, have introduced a considerable number of CAD / CAM systems, such as the United States EDS UG Ⅱ, the United States ParametricTechnology Pro / Emgineer, CVS5 from CV, UK DOCT5 from Deltacam, CRADE from HZS, Cimatron of Israel, C-Mold of AC-Tech in USA and MPAS Mold Analysis Software of Moldflow Company in Australia.The introduction of these systems and software, although spent a lot of money, but in China's mold industry, to achieve the integration of CAD / CAM, and can support CAE technology on the molding process, such as filling and cooling computer simulation, made a certain The technical and economic benefits, and promote and promote the development of China's mold CAD / CAM technology. In recent years, China's independent development of plastic mold CAD / CAM system has been greatly developed, mainly in the North China Aviation Software Engineering Institute developed CAXA system, Huazhong University of Science and Technology developed the injection mold HSC5.0 system and CAE software, these The software has the specific situation to adapt to the domestic mold, can be applied on the microcomputer and the characteristics of lower prices, in order to further popularize the mold CAD / CAM technology to create a good condition. 

  In recent years, China has been more widely used in some new plastic mold steel, such as: P20, 3Cr2Mo, PMS, SMI, SM Ⅱ, the mold quality and service life has a direct impact, but the overall use is still less The Plastic mold standard mold, standard putter and spring more and more widely applied, and there have been some of the domestic commercial hot runner system components. However, China's mold standardization and the degree of commercialization is generally below 30%, and foreign advanced industrial countries have reached 70% -80% compared to still have a big gap. Table 1, domestic and foreign plastic mold technology comparison Table  foreign injection molding model cavity accuracy 0.005 ~ 0.01mm0.02 ~ 0.05mm cavity surface roughness Ra0.01 ~ 0.05μmRa0.20μm non-quenched steel die life of 10 to 60 million10 ~ 30 million hardened steel mold life of 160 to 3 million times 50 to 100 million times the hot runner mold utilization rate of more than 80% overall less than 10% of the degree of standardization 70 ~ 80% less than 30% medium-sized plastic mold production cycle about a month 2 ~ 4 months in the mold industry in the possession of 30 to 40% 25 to 30% According to the relevant aspects of the forecast, the mold market is generally smooth upward trend in the mold market in the future, the development of plastic molds will be higher than the other Mold, the proportion in the mold industry will gradually increase. With the continuous development of the plastics industry, the increasing demand for plastic mold is normal, therefore, precision, large, complex, long life plastic mold development will be higher than the total development speed. At the same time, due to imports in recent years, mold, precision, large, complex, long-life mold accounted for the majority, so from the reduction of imports, improve the localization rate point of view, such high-end mold in the market share will gradually increase. The rapid development of the construction industry, so that all kinds of profile extrusion die, PVC plastic pipe fittings mold to become a new economic growth point of the mold market, the rapid development of the highway, the car tires also put forward higher requirements, so the radial rubber tires Mold, especially the pace of development of the active mode will also be higher than the overall average; to plastic and wood to plastic metal on behalf of the plastic mold in the automotive, motorcycle industry in a huge demand; household appliances industry in the "15" period There will be greater development, especially refrigerators, air conditioners and microwave ovens and other parts of the plastic mold demand is great; and electronic and communications products, in addition to color TV and other audio and video products, notebook computers and network set-top boxes will have greater development , These are the plastic mold market growth point. Second, China's plastic mold industry and technology in the future development of the main direction will include: 1, to improve the large, sophisticated, complex, long life mold design and manufacturing level and proportion. This is due to the increasing size of plastic molded products, complex and high-precision requirements and the high productivity requirements due to the development of a multi-mode control.  2, in the plastic mold design and manufacture of comprehensive promotion and application of CAD / CAM / CAE technology. CAD / CAM technology has developed into a more mature common technology, in recent years die CAD / CAM technology hardware and software prices have been reduced to the level of acceptable to SMEs, for its further popularization to create a good condition; based on the network CAD / CAM / CAE integration system structure has begun to take shape, which will solve the traditional hybrid CAD / CAM system can not meet the requirements of the actual production process division of labor requirements; CAD / CAM software will gradually increase the degree of intelligence; plastic parts And mold 3D design and 3D analysis of the molding process will play an increasingly important role in China's plastic mold industry. 3, to promote the use of hot runner technology, gas-assisted injection molding technology and high pressure injection molding technology. The use of hot runner technology mold can improve the productivity and quality of parts, and can significantly save the plastic parts of raw materials and energy conservation, so widely used in this technology is a major change in plastic mold. The development of hot runner components of the national standard, and actively produce low-cost high-quality components, is the key to the development of hot runner mold. Gas-assisted injection molding can significantly reduce the cost under the premise of ensuring product quality. At present in the automotive and home appliances industry is gradually promoting the use. Gas-assisted injection molding has more process parameters to determine and control than conventional conventional injection processes, and it is often used in more complex large-scale products, mold design and control more difficult, therefore, the development of gas-assisted molding flow analysis software, It is very important. On the other hand, in order to ensure the accuracy of plastic parts, continue to study the development of high pressure injection molding process and mold injection molding process and mold is also very important.  4, the development of new plastic molding process and rapid economic mold. To adapt to more varieties, less batch of production methods. 5, to improve the standardization of plastic mold level and the use of standard parts. China's mold standard parts and mold standardization is still low, and the gap is very large, to a certain extent, restricting the development of China's mold industry, in order to improve the quality of mold and mold manufacturing costs, mold standard parts to promote. To this end, we must first develop a unified national standards, and in strict accordance with the standard production; secondly to gradually form a scale of production, improve the degree of commercialization, improve the quality of standard parts, reduce costs; again to further increase the standard parts specifications. 6, the application of high-quality mold materials and advanced surface treatment technology for improving the life and quality of the mold is very necessary. 7, research and application of mold high-speed measurement technology and reverse engineering. The use of coordinate measuring instrument or coordinate scanner to achieve reverse engineering is a plastic mold CAD / CAM one of the key technologies. Research and application of diverse, adjusted, inexpensive testing equipment is necessary to achieve reverse engineering prerequisite.